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Have you ever wondered about natural hair growth and how it happens?

Have you ever wondered about natural hair growth and how it happens?

It turns out that hair is not really made up of living cells, even though it often has a mind of its own, it is actually made up of a protein which is made up from a bunch of old dead cells, interesting, huh?

Each individual strand of hair is made up of a total of five parts, the follicle, bulb, sebaceous gland and muscle fibre. When the follicle collects and bundles enough old cells the sebaceous gland and muscle fibre push the bundles up through the skin in a root sheath.

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The root or bulb is made up of two layers, an inner layer and an outer layer. The outer layer of the root sheath contains the information which tells the hair what colour and texture it will be while the inner layer holds the hair fibre that the follicle has created and the muscle has pushed up.

Hair has three phases of growth that it goes through, the anagen, catagen and the telegenic.

The anagen phase is the phase in which the dead cells are bundled together and added to the hair shaft. This is a phase that really depends on genetics and can last from 3 to 7 years during which each hair will grow at a rate of about ½ inch every 28 days. Once the hair reaches a certain point then the next stage begins.

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The catagen stage is the next stage of natural hair growth. During this stage, the growth of the hair halts and the follicle stops taking in nutrients. The follicle then dies and the hair becomes a tough, fibrous protein. This stage generally lasts from four to seven months after which the hair begins to fall out in the telogen stage. If you are lucky then a new follicle will have been created so that the process could continue if not however you will have to contend with causes of hair loss.

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Although some hair loss is considered normal hair loss, sometimes the loss is considered to be abnormally resulting in baldness or severe thinning of the hair. This can be caused by environment, genetics, stress and even the type of shampoo that you use.

Pollutions and chemicals in our environment and personal care products seem to be increasing and along with the hair loss and thinning is on the rise. Did you know that more than 40% of women have to contend with the hair loss? This is an increase from what was seen as little as 25 years ago.

Although no one can or will point to a single cause of female hair loss, it is suspected that hair loss from stress and commercial personal care products that include sulfates are high on the list of possible culprits.

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If you are suffering from a hair loss symptom such as thinning hair, all-natural sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners can not only help you to relieve stress via the use of herbs such as chamomile and jasmine but also encourage natural hair growth and thicken hair in a 100% safe natural way.

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