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Are You Experiencing with Benefits of Coconut Oil?

Are You Experiencing with Benefits of Coconut Oil?

The benefits of coconut oil do not only take care of your health, but it also takes care of your body beauty. So, to speak, it can treat you from inside to the outside of your body.

Here are the benefits of body care:

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Weight Loss:

Speaking of weight loss, it truly seems to be the most popular topic over the decades. Everyone desires to have a good shape, lean body and stronger than ever before.

Now you would ask...

"How can coconut oil and weight loss get along together when eating fat definitely makes me fatty?"

"How about the Low-Fat diet?"

"Does it work better than Low-Fat diet course?"

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"Are you sure?"


OK. Here's why...

Due to more than 90% of medium-chain fatty acids (or MCFAs) in coconut oil, when consumed, it will turn into the energy instantly because the metabolism goes directly into the liver. Therefore, no fat storage in your body.

And, fat storage is the cause of obesity. It really makes us fat.

In addition, coconut oil can stimulate the thyroid gland in order to actively work better. It helps speed up the metabolism rate and generates thermogenesis. This process takes current storage fat out of your body and then turns into the energy for you accordingly.

Thus, coconut oil can truly help you lose weight without a doubt. This is a very wonderful benefit of coconut oil that you shouldn't miss!

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Skin Care:


Due to the small molecules of MCFAs, when applied to your skin, the coconut oil can be absorbed very quickly, leaving no sticky oil on your skin. It enriches your skin fresh (look younger), soft and smooth.

Rich lauric acid (more than 50%) in coconut oil keeps you well from a skin infection.

And, the antioxidant agent in coconut oil (including Vitamin E, Phenolics and Phytosterol) is one of high powerful antioxidant agent ever found. It not only prevents free radical which causes skin degenerative diseases, but it also removes the dead skin cells and, stimulates fresh skin cells to come out simultaneously.

In addition, coconut oil can protect your skin against sun-burn due to ultraviolet in sunlight. The ultraviolet is also the root cause of wrinkles and premature ageing.

So if you apply coconut oil for skin on a daily basis, you'll really look younger than your current age! And you won't have any acne, spot, melasma and scabby area on your skin as well.

Hair Care:


The coconut oil can make your hair healthy as the following:

It treats your hair condition: coconut oil is one of the high-quality hair conditioners that make your hair soft and silky.

It treats your scalp: anti-biotic agent in coconut oil keeps your scalp from infection so you can get rid of dandruff. In addition, its anti-oxidant agent keeps your scalp from wrinkle. So, your scalp becomes fresh and healthy.

It keeps your hair healthy: coconut oil absorbs into your hair very easily. Thus, it prolongs the duration of hair protein, so your hair always gets healthy.

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As you can see, the health benefits of coconut oil are amazing gifts we can get from nature. Not only we get incredible benefits of coconut oil, but we can save a lot of expenses by using this tropical oil as health and body treatments daily. It is interesting, isn't it?

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